Monday, July 6, 2009

Hoisin-Themed Dinner

Monday: moo shu vegetables; hoisin chicken; rice

This was a little ambitious for me - I don't usually make more than one recipe for a regular dinner. But when I saw these two recipes recently, I immediately wanted to make them both and thought they would go great together. And, they do, but the prep work for the moo sho veggies will likely make this a very occasional treat around here.

The vegetables are by far more time-consuming of the two, simply because they require a lot of chopping (and mincing, and dicing). Not much to the chicken, though there's a tiny bit of additional prep work in coating the chicken. The actual cooking is quick for both, however.

I do recommend getting a rice maker if you make rice at all often and have the storage space. It makes much better rice than I ever did, and it makes a meal like this one quite a bit simpler.

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