Thursday, January 19, 2012

snowed in

We're having a cozy few days as we wait for the roads to clear. Fortunately, I had planned a couple of fairly elaborate meals, so we've been eating well *and* keeping ourselves entertained.

First, a pair of recipes from the always-awesome Smitten Kitchen: carrot soup with miso and scallion meatballs with soy-ginger glaze. These were both wonderful and pretty dang easy to make. The glaze was so good that V kept trying to think of new uses for it (he tried it on ice cream, but unfortunately he said it made the ice cream taste "like blood").

Last night we made chicken stew with sweet potato biscuits. I couldn't quite bring myself to use all the butter called for in the chicken stew recipe, but made it with a single stick of butter instead. Also definitely a recipe I'll be making again (though hopefully in a situation where we won't be required to eat it all ourselves....).


  1. I'm also tempted by the carrot soup. I also highly recommend these "meatballs"

    I'm looking forward to making the Apple Sharlotka for my book club next week.

  2. As soon as you said that you couldn't bring yourself to use all the butter the Chicken Stew called for, I had a feeling it would turn out to be an Ina Garten recipe. That woman likes her butter.

  3. Catharine - I'll definitely try the salmon cakes. Did you use lime leaves or the substitution? I've been having trouble getting kaffir lime leaves here recently. Also: I have that recipe printed out, and the apples are waiting in my fridge. It sounds so very delicious.

    Marisa - Yep. One and a half sticks in the "stew" and another whole stick in the biscuits? Yikes. Although I just cut it back to one stick, so it was still a lot of butter (V made the biscuits, and stuck with the recipe as written). (I cut back the flour slightly, too, since there was less fat to absorb it.)