Wednesday, January 20, 2010

red meat! we do eat it sometimes!

Wednesday: Strip Steak with garlic puree; stove-top beet slices; garlic bread; home-canned peaches in light syrup

Whoa. That? was a really heavy meal, and I'm now too tired to write it all up. The steak & beet recipes were both from The New Steak, which was ostensibly one of Victor's gifts from me this year. (Does it still count if I was also eager to get that cookbook?) They were good, though the very red and very juicy beets made our steaks look exceptionally bloody, which was a little disturbing.

The garlic bread was just a way to use up some stale bread, and I wanted something sweet after we had dinner, but definitely only wanted something light and simple. The peaches (from August) were a little taste of summer.

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